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The Last Kumite (2024)

When Karate champion Michael Rivers wins the last tournament of his career, shady businessman Ron Hall offers him the opportunity to fight in an illegal Kumite in Bulgaria against the world’s best martial artists. When Michael declines, Hall has his daughter kidnapped and, in order to rescue her, Rivers is left with no choice but to compete in the deadly tournament. Arriving in Bulgaria, he finds out that he is not the only fighter whose loved one was taken. Rivers enlists the help of trainers Master Loren, and Julie Jackson but will it be enough for him to win the tournament and save his daughter’s life?

The Last Kumite Premiere in Germany Part 1 - A movie by fans, for the fans
The Last Kumite - A Movie by Fans for the fans
Matthias Hues on Shooting the Last Kumite Clip 2
Matthias Hues on The Last Kumite with Jason Brant
Kickstarter VIP‘s meet Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Kurt McKinney, Matthias Hues, Mohammed Qissi
The Last Kumite - Emilien De Falco (Training for the movie)
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