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Thelma the Unicorn (2024)

Thelma dreams of being a glamorous unicorn. Then in a rare pink and glitter-filled moment of fate, Thelma’s wish comes true. She rises to instant international stardom, but at an unexpected cost. After a while, Thelma realizes that she was happier as her ordinary, sparkle-free self. So she ditches her horn, scrubs off her sparkles, and returns home, where her best friend is waiting for her with a hug.

Existential crisis in 3, 2, 1...
'Here Comes the Cud' Song Clip
'Big' Sing Along Lyric Video
Warning: This song will be stuck in your head
'Hurricane' Song Clip
How would you react to a real unicorn?
Thelma's Big Break song Clip
Did someone say glow up?
'Fire Inside' Sing Along Lyric Video
Sing your heart out with Thelma the Unicorn
Official Trailer
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